2018-2019 Band Calendar

Home Football Games

9/15, Saturday, 6PM

10/12, Friday, 7PM

10/19, Friday, 7PM

Basketball Calendar

A pep band calendar for basketball will be published once it’s known.

Concert/Contest Calendar

!!!Bolded events are required for EVERYONE!!!

10/17-10/22, Jazz Band Tour to Taiwan, Taiwan

11/2, Friday, 7PM, Guest Artist Concert, Decatur PA

11/16-11/19, WIBC, Seattle

12/8, Saturday, FWPS Jazz Festival, FWHS

12/13, Thursday, 7PM, Winter Concert for Bands, Decatur PA

12/14, Friday, 7PM, Winter Concert for Jazz, Decatur PA

1/4 -1/5, PLU Honor Band, PLU

2/9, Saturday, 7PM, Big Band Showcase, Decatur PA

2/14, Thursday, 6PM, Service Area Concert, Decatur Gym

2/14-2/17, All-NW Honor Bands. Oregon

2/23, Saturday, Reginal Solo and Ensemble, Puyallup HS

2/28, Thursday, 7PM, Spring Concert for Bands, Decatur PA

3/2, Saturday, CWU Wind Fest, CWU

3/16, Saturday, Large Ensemble Contest, Emerald Ridge HS

5/18, Saturday, CWU Jazz Fest, CWU

5/23, Thursday, 7PM, Finale Concert for Bands, Decatur PA

5/24, Friday, 7PM, Finale Concert for Jazz, Decatur PA

5/26-5/29, Band Tour TBA.

Here is a downloadable copy of the calendar of events.