Our Showcase Success Depends on Donations

We are seeking donations of auction items and/or supplies in support of this event. Monetary donations are also appreciated, and business or personal sponsorship programs are available.  All proceeds from the event will benefit the Decatur High School Bands for such things as music, uniforms, instrument purchase and repair, special instruction programs and travel expenses.

You can help with your personal donation and/or by helping solicit donations from friends, neighbors, local businesses, or anywhere suitable donations can be sought.

Our donation information form and cover letter to help you when requesting donations and / or sponsorships.  This letter provides basic information about our cause and our event to prospective donors. The donation information form may be valuable to donors and is necessary for the Boosters for record keeping and tax purposes.

If you can donate or can help solicit donations or sponsorships, need the password to the Donation Tracker page,  or if you have any questions please contact us at Jeff Chang for further information.

Thank you for your efforts in support of instrumental music at Decatur High School.